Zak van Biljon - Photography

grew up in the South African light of Cape Town.
The graduated fashion designer and photographer
brings power and immense depth to his photography
in both studio an outdoor location. As an
unrivalled master of post-production he is an
artist in refining imagery.

Jan Holgersen - Director

born in Switzerland and raised in Denmark, is
taking care of organising productions and managing
staff. The graduated multi-media designer has a
sensitivity for the case and is unique in
approaching projects by interactive storytelling,
creating visual ideas, putting them into effect and
directing moving pictures.


as a team Jan and Zak, both multi-lingual and
multi-national with a high perception of details,
multiply their stratified skills to an overall
appeal unlike any other. They straightforwardly
strive for solutions. Their home is where their job
is. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.
The whole is epic.*)

*) _epic.cx - The top level domain .cx is a tribute to the legendary camera COSINA CX - both Jan and Zak owned the camera which made instagram like pictures already fifteen years ago._